This page is here to facilitate the download of AnimalTA, its guidelines, and to have access to the video tutorials.

Note that the program downloaded here is exactly the same as the one found on the main page, the download link is just hosted by another platform. 


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Download AnimalTA (v3.1.1):

Download the guidelines:


Video tutorials (Music: Iago Sanmartín Villar): 

AnimalTA installation, tutorial nº1



AnimalTA video management, tutorial nº2



AnimalTA video preparation, tutorial nº3



AnimalTA preparation of tracking, tutorial nº4



AnimalTA correction of the trackings, tutorial nº5



AnimalTA analyses, tutorial nº6





Main features

  • Termite_track

    Easy to use, with simple interface and user help always visible.

  • Languages_animalTA

    Available in five different languages.

  • Multi_AR

    Tracking of multi-arenas with multiple individuals.

  • Crickets low resolution

    Track videos with low resolution or changing lightning conditions.

  • Heterogenous background

    Two different methods of target detection allow trackings in non-homogenous backgrounds.

  • Manual editing

    Possibility of manual corrections post-tracking. The tracking can also be re-run over a small part of the video with parameters different from the original ones.

  • Parameters

    Various parameters can be set by the user with direct visual feedback on the effects of these parameters.

  • Analyses with elements of interest

    After the tracking, the user can add elements of interest by directly drawing on the video frames. Various kinds of elements of interest are available: points, segments, borders, rectangles, ellipsoids, or polygons. The program will then calculate various parameters related to these elements (distance to a point, time at a given distance from the point, number of times a line is crossed, time spent close to the border, latency to enter an area, time spent inside this area...).

  • Social interactions

    Analyses of inter-individual interactions are available. AnimalTA will compute the inter-individual distances and record all contact or proximity events with their duration. Moreover, you will obtain crossed tables resuming the proportion of time pairs of individuals spent together or the number of observed interactions. Other measures such as the average number of neighbors an individual has or the group cohesion are also recorded.