Since the beginning of my career, I focused my interest on social behavior. I studied it from different angles: social ontogenesis, collective behaviors, and the influence of the social context on individual behaviors. During my doctoral research (University of Toulouse 3, France), I studied the sociality of spiders in both the laboratory and the field. I used various approaches, including behavior observation, modeling, and chemical and physiological analyses, and I developed related skills. I then obtained a competitively awarded post-doctoral grant and integrated the Animal Ecology Group at the University of Vigo (Spain). This post-doc allowed me to develop new competencies in the fields of life-history evolution, eco-physiology, and parental effects. In this institution, I carried out various experiments to study the collective behaviors of fish. My research will contribute, most importantly, to improve our understanding of the evolutionary processes of sociality.

During my first post-doc, I also developed AnimalTA. The aim of AnimalTA is to provide researchers with a free and user-friendly video tracking program easily accessible. Learn more bout AnimalTA!

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